Landmarks and attractions in Canada’s capital

Canada's capital belongs to all Canadians. Visitors find here a reflection of who they are as well as an insight into the life of the country. From Parliament Hill to the national museums, the symbols are rich and varied, and they highlight many aspects of the Canadian experience.


Parliament Hill

Discover how Parliament Hill is much more than the heart of Canada’s government. It is where you can explore the figures, events and achievements that have shaped this country.

Confederation Boulevard

Go to the heart of Canada's capital by visiting Confederation Boulevard, the capital's ceremonial and discovery route.

Public art and monuments

Take a walk through Canada’s Capital Region and immerse yourself in the commemorative monuments and public art that reflect and celebrate our country and our people.

Tulips in the capital

Catch the dazzling display of one million tulips in parks and gardens across Canada’s Capital Region.

Museums and galleries

Visit a national museum or gallery, get a Museums Passport or apply for funding through programs designed to support heritage institutions.

Visitor information

Plan your visit and make the most of your stay by using our vast array of visitor services.

Teacher resources

Enrich your students' understanding of Canada's history, culture and heritage, in the classroom or through a field trip to the nation’s capital.

Cultural access pass (New Canadians)

Get this pass which allows New Canadians to discover more than 1,000 museums and other cultural treasures across Canada, free of charge.

About Canada’s capital

Discover more about our nation’s capital, the cultural showcase of our country and a place where Canada connects to the world.

Experience Canada's capital

Experience Canada’s capital through year-round activities, attractions and events in the region such as Canada Day and Winterlude.

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