Events, celebrations and commemorations

Canada is a strong, proud and free country and as Canadians, we have a lot to celebrate. Show your pride for this amazing country by participating in our many events and celebrations and in commemorating important moments and people in Canadian history.


Experience Canada's capital

Experience Canada’s capital through year-round activities, attractions and events in the region such as Canada Day and Winterlude.

State funerals and national commemorative ceremonies

Get information about current and past state funerals and national commemorative ceremonies and learn all the details of how state funerals are held in Canada.

Protocol for events and ceremonies

Learn the protocol for special events and ceremonies in Canada, including honours and salutes, dress, and styles of address.

Games of la Francophonie

Cheer on the athletes and artists that take part in these games that are held every four years.

Important and commemorative days

Find information on Canada’s official holidays, and commemorative and awareness days, weeks and months celebrated across the country.

Half-masting the National Flag

Discover why the flag is flying at half-mast, the rules for half-masting the flag of Canada and general information about the history and usage of the Canadian flag.

Celebrate Canada

Learn more about the Celebrate Canada's activities and how you can participate.

Commemorate Canada

Learn more about initiatives of national significance that commemorate important aspects of Canada’s history.

Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program

Apply for financial assistance to support a local festival or event commemorating a community anniversary.

Canada's 150th Anniversary

Celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary! Commemorate events, celebrate accomplishments and honour individuals who have helped shape Canada as we know it today.

World War commemorations

During the World Wars commemoration period (2014-2020), Canada is proudly recognizing those who bravely served and sacrificed on our behalf.

Royal tours

Get information about current, upcoming and past royal tours in Canada and the protocol to follow when meeting the Royal Family.

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